For Economic Fundamentals, the purpose of going to the bank is to see how they make our currency. This helps us understand how the money system works physically. For example, how it is made, produced, and distributed. Money is a very important essential in our everyday lives, and with out it we would defiantly have a big problem. Money gives us everything we need and unfortunately it bring one of the biggest issues in our world today. We as well got the chance to see how other currency looks different from other countries.I learned that designs of the dollars around the world seem to be completely different and just all look so unique. We as well got the chance to briefly talk about how money is made. They go through so many steps. I wouldn’t even be able to explain it all. All i know is that its literally impossible to make your own money. So next time you look at a dollar look closer and see if you notice anything you hadn’t before, I did this and was shocked with what I had missed.

1) Why was the invention of money so important?

The invention of money is so important because it’s a way to keep our economy moving, with out money things would be more difficult. Having money around also helps us make more goods and distribute the goods as well. By distributing money we make it possible to travel around the country helping others by as well.
2) What are some of the ways our lives would be different today if we still used the trading method?

The invention of paper money was important because if we still used the barter system things might be a little more stressful. It might not always be completely equal when trading as well as not always being completely fair. Having so many objects to trade might become a little out of hand as well. So basically, we already have a method of getting and giving which is by using money and has been around for a while so why change it at this point anyways, we have a simple concept we use which everybody understands. The exchange of money has been around for many centuries centuries centuries

3) Would you favor the U.S. copying any ideas from other countries for use on our currency?

No, not at all, I think our bills are so unique. It may not be one of the most interesting designs but it defiantly is different from others. For example, the picture of our presidents are centered on all dollar bills they are either on the far right or left. Along with that example, our dollars have a specifically designed characteristics which differ from other countries.