Vincent van Gogh (1889) The Mulberry Tree

The purpose this piece was to connect where you are come from and the element of the picture I chose. My element was the Earth. I chose the Earth for my element, because it represents where I came from. Also I chose it because the nature is helpless and a beautiful view. I am proud of my piece because I wrote it like the way I see the image. Some people say The image has a thousand words, but in this piece the poem has a thousand images.

I have two parts in my poem. One  tells where I am come from, one tells how the Earth is complicated. You will see many dead words. Those words represent how the world is complicated.

Vincent Van Gogh: Ploughman with Woman Planting Potatoes

I have everything you need.

Water, land, food, poisons of Gold.

——————-But Why?

You love me,

but you destroy me.

You try to save me,

But you cut me.

You need me,

But you throw me away.

You make me cry to build your shelter.

You cover my face to be blinded.

You take all my




I am born full of hope,

born with clear mind, bright mind,

Peaceful mind.

But now all my children are putting me into HELL…

I never realized how hard being a MOTHER is.

The Children are sucking my Strength

and my blood.

I was born untroubled, but now I am between war and war.

I get hurt whenever the bullets come out

from the guns

and from the hearts.

My heart explodes when bombs fall on me.

My eyes, blinded,

full of smoke.

I cannot see the beauty of nature

Because my surface is covered by the black floor.

I cannot not hear the beautiful sounds of leaving things

Because my ears are built with the thickest of concretes.

Mother Earth: Full of many ideas,

many innovations,

many sciences and technologies,

many languages and

many different people.

These will make manic, miserable Earth.

Where I lost my kismet in the dark.

Less kobold (spirit of the mines) of my mother

Full of KILLCOW,

she always gets bullied by heartless Human.

Hungry of MABSOOT and happiness.

Instead of making MADEFY, but making it to desert and thirst.

 Our world is full of MALFEASANE activities and MALIFEROUS.

we believe the world is MALISM:

MAYHAP people are Malism.

We Built a Giant BIGGIN in the mid of her chest.

The BIGGINS hurt her like

when you lost A Diamond friend.


Manic: misery

Kismet: fate, destiny

Killcow: Heartless

Kobolt: spirit of the mines

Mabsoot: happy

Madefy: wet

Malfeasane: bad activities, drugs, crimes

Maliferous: harmful, unhealthy

Malism: that believe that the world is Evil

Mayahap: perhaps

Biggin: a building