In order to make clarified rationale for expressing knowledge on a problem, I developed a case study for my Economic Fundamentals class that looks into solutions and causes on the economic crisis. This crisis is developed based on main factors that I wanted to study for the purpose of ruling out possible solutions to look into; if we are to understand the cause of the issue. I began this research by learning from my lectures; where I studied different points of arguments giving a perspective on the economic crisis. One resource I studied was the documentary The Inside Job, which acted like its own thesis in order to explain the economic crisis. This behaved as a base influence to understand how to develop my own thesis so that I can look into specifics of the problems and solutions in the economic crisis. It was important for me to also find direct resources to explain the logic I wanted to produce in order to develop a proper thesis. By interviewing Nathan Aldinger (co-founder of Freedom Ventures), I recorded and analyzed his methods of explaining causes inducing the crisis which helped me gain incite on how to study these factors can be explained and rationalized. In order to produce a foundation for my studies, these resources proved to be an improving process for me when it comes to developing a case study. Thereby making the purpose of this thesis to support developing an argument on a tedious topic, and learn more about the topic through my own initiatives. I want my reader to inquire directly on facts that can be shared in order to brain storm what this economic crisis leads to when it comes to understanding the importance of developing a healthy industrial society.

(An excerpt from my case study)

Economic issues pertain to debt consequences in industrialized countries, through which business and consumer factors assume a primary goal of organizing a functioning society rather than seeking a full resolution of the problem. Acknowledging that economies operate on a basis for only maintaining a productive economy, it leaves problems like bankruptcy, debt, and corrupted business monopoly. According to the outcomes that the economic crisis creates, understanding what makes certain tactics assume a necessary role for organizing a productive society is put into question. The economic crisis is being overlooked and through three positions, loopholes are created in order to overcome the impact of the crisis, accepting certain issues will not be solved. Thereby not supporting the notion that their individualized success will help heal the economic crisis; and that is where the issue lies. This study will look into the positions of consumers, politicians, and business owners; they have only a primary objective which is stabilizing their own success.

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