Purpose: This is for my economic fundamentals class and we did it because we are studying the economic problems around the world. We watched the movie “Inside Job” and referenced it throughout the process of writing our paper.

Introduction: The economic crisis has hit everyone all around the world. It is a global problem that has taken over and has been very difficult to pull ourselves out of. Many companies/states have claimed bankruptcy while others are struggling to survive. However, when you look at all of these money issues, you begin to wonder why there are thriving states. The answer is, everyone has different tactics and attractions. When you compare two states back to back, you’ll find various differences between them and how much money they make. Take Hawaii and Michigan for example. They once used to be about equal as far as economic growth, but now the two don’t even compare. How do these two differ so much? The answer is through tourism, homemade materials, and what they are famous for.

The economic crisis has hit everyone all around the world hard. <- Please refer to the following to see my full paper