Introduction: In my poem, I felt the need to use very natural and organic words. I wanted to make an obvious connection with the human race and earth through phrases such as “connected in a delicate balance”. The focus of what earth does for us was also a subject I wanted to tie into my poem. Earth “nourishes” us and “touches” us with all of its natural power. Sometimes humans overlook what earth does for us and it causes controversy. I want people to  see that we can all live as one if we would just stop, and take in what earth does. Its truly magnificent and almost magical. My poem will put you in a zone.

SMITH, Doug (2010) Untitled

 Above is the painting I chose to represent earth. My friend back home painted it and personally, I think it is one of the most amazing paintings I have ever seen.

Gogh, Vincent van (1889) The Mulberry Tree

Above is the original painting we were given to go off of. This represented earth.


Steering through the nights uncertainties
Pure rain falls from the stars
Cleansing your mind
Cleansing your soul
Touching everything
Touching you
Coating the land
Coating our thoughts
Nourishing the senses
Reflecting the sky
It is all equal
Only for that moment
Are we all one
Connected in a delicate balance
Living in one another
Inside you
Deep inside earth
Obvious, yet hidden
You needn’t look too far
To find the fragile movement
To understand the flow
The mystical breeze
The enchanting pulse
The Golden ray
Step into the sun
Rolling high in the sapphire sky
More to see
More to discover
Be prepared
Be enlightened with a vision
Don’t forget yourself
Don’t forget your roots
Understand that balance
Remember who you are