GCE students and staff attended TEDxMidwest Youth Conference last Saturday, October 15th. Today, our students will have time to reflect on the experience and to create proposals. Comments and suggestions will be added over the next few days. All proposals for new independent studies, clubs, and school improvement plans will be submitted within 10 days. We encourage you to review them and add your own comments.
Thank you, TEDx, Chicago Ideas Week, and our students and staff.

Dear Students:
Please respond to the following reflective prompts in a comment to this blog and please submit proposals directly to my email ([email protected]).
Thank you.

Reflection (10 mins)
1) My favorite presentation was______________ because_______________________________(purpose and essence).
2) I learned that _____________________ because___________________________________(purpose and essence).
3) A useful resource for ____________________(name of course) course would be___________________ (idea) because ____________________________________(purpose and essence).

Student proposal templates are in dropbox or students can download the student idea proposal template or the student independent study proposal template. Please submit individual and/or group ideas for independent studies, clubs, and school improvement in general.
Thank you,