This is a paper I wrote for my Economic Fundamentals class. We watched a movie called Inside Job and studied the housing market and terms that relate to it. Individually we all studied what interested us about economics and this is the introduction to that paper, I’m attaching the whole paper if you would like to read.


The global economy suffered one of its worst blows in history in 2008 due to the wrongdoings of a handful of American companies. 11.2 trillion dollars were lost between October 7 2008 and March 7 2009 and mirrored the great depression of the 1930’s. Companies like AIG and the Lehman Brothers due to faulty business running, were the major contributors to the problem.  This paper will examine how without a doubt, these companies’ wrongdoings along with others, generated a huge loss of jobs, an awful economic climate, and a global depression . The unethical business practices led to a huge raise of unemployment rates (unemployment rate), tremendous foreclosure, and a loss of benefits for retirees.


HPMilestone2Economics (This is a link to download my paper)