It is said that a painting can share thousands of words and stories. In order to capture this complexity, poetry is formed as a result. The way in which a poem can be written can teach its story through rhythm, visual formation, word imagery, and pattern. Combining these into a poem, we create poetry that can share its morals through merely a series of words. Manipulating these words to give individualized patterns, which effect the flow of the poem can become representative for comprehending its morals. As a writer, I subjected the factors of building a poem and refer to them as elements. Elements can be described as the essence of something; which leads us to understand how poetry is symbolically built upon elemental use of a subject. In this project, I took the literal meaning of elements and developed a poem describing the particular natural element: water. By conducting research on a painting, I was asked to use poetry to capture the essence of what I feel can be told from the poem. In my first attempt to experiment with this method of describing a visual concept with poetry, I refereed to a famous painting which uses water as an enhancing component. I then developed a quick poem to capture the painting as if it would no longer exist, and only have life through my poem.

I then applied this practice into a personalized formation of poetry, which I was given the opportunity to fully construct in the matter using water. My poetic design was to connect it to myself, and give meaning to water and manipulate its concept to be used metaphorically. In the poem that I wrote, I took the essence of water and incorporated it into the sounds of the words I used, the pattern of word formation, and through the way the words and interact with one another. The water’s significance to the poem is embarked by the journeys I wish to tell as it becomes compounded in the way I developed myself as a person. Water is known to be ever-changing based on its environments, and it has functions that participate in the aspiration to nourish or impact greatly depending on its form. I used water and described it as a resurrected system, meaning water goes through a cycle. This connects to the way I describe who I am, and what I go through as a journey through life and change. I influenced who I am and what represents who I am through the actions I made in life to build on the idea of this water concept.

Toulouse Lautrec (1901) Admiral Viaud
Committing Action

The quake of wood that has no roots,

Uplifted from its tousled row.
My eyes release from my body,

Now to drench my dignity.
Water in the shape of guns.

The burden of sound, is the silence that breaks

As it begs for the last breath



Mier (2007)/WATER/
Formation of a Journey
This presence
Stable scattered passion
Surpass torment succession
Rushing silent freedom
Reveal invisible breath


The winds
In the water

Awaken this inspiration
Fixation on the crystal pane of eyes
Soak the remaining embodied pieces of my wish
Forgiveness of a liar
Painting water
On a blank canvas

Condensation with             demanding whispers

Connection for          immovable desires

Metamorphose of               unbreakable bonds
Believe the shattered flesh of my frame
Reinvent manifestation
But let me begin again