My piece is called “ The Windy City Breathes”. There was a combination of things that went into the creation of this piece. My ingredients were my melody, constant sounds, 1st painting translation, 2nd painting translation, images of where I’m from, and the shape.  The image I tried to imitate was the shape of a tornado. I also use the tornado number system F0-F5 to talk about how severe living in Chicago is and the different situations people go through. I used the tornado to describe the streets and how crime, violence, and drugs suck people up into a bad world. I use the tree and leaves to represent friends and the effect the streets have on people. I used the roots to describe family and religious beliefs that stop people from going too far. All of this is how I believe air connects to my life.

Air Faery Painting - Lillian Fioretzi(2007)


The Windy City, home of falling leaves, and shattered trees

F0- When the breeze temps you, a moment of doubt

but you have learned from the tree, to never just go with the breeze

F1-The winds stirs your beliefs, but does not change them

F2 –It may knock you off balance, but not knock you down

F3- The apple may be dropped, but never to far from the tree.

F4- You may feel like a black hole, is sucking the life out of you

but you still have life.

F5- Until the finger of God. Death

For the wind extinguishes candles

and fans fires.

Yet, it does not know right from wrong.

It tears away from us all

but the things

that cannot be torn,

so that we see ourselves

as we really are.

I do no resist nor accept.

Never loose my balance.

I may be pushed,

even swayed,

But I float above it all.

My moves flow.

I am one with air.


Windy city