My piece is called “What’s That Sound”. This piece came about, because my teacher gave us a writing assignment about a painting that was connected to our element — and my element is water. First, we started off with one painting that we had to write a poem about — and that painting was picked by my teacher. Secondly, we had to pick a painting or picture, and I decided to pick a picture and write a poem about it. The poem I wrote had to be connected with our element (water) and where I’m from.
TOULOUSE-LAUTREC (1901) Admiral Viaud
~ Toulouse Lautrec (1901) Admiral Viaud
My poem:
My life is like a boat
It hit waves
And sometimes it don’t
Just seeing how the water moves
Reminds me of my life
It has a lot of ups and downs
But still trying to push pass the rough parts
The way that I feel when I’m on a boat is a lot of mixed emotions
It’s the best time to think
Think about life its self
My life is a boat
My Poem:

SCOTT, Michael (2008) Water Crown.


Cabrini Green
Home of the low class
As the rich will say

But not really
Family and Friends
Is something you will find there

Going through the good times and the bad
Standing in the rain

All on the news that it will be gone
What will people do?
How will they take it?

Got to move from there
But that’s where people were born

Standing in that puddle of rain
But it’s from my tears

That’s what you will see
It’s falling from my face
My cheeks are burning

From the tears that are coming down
Hitting the ground so hard

Standing there just wondering
What will be here on the ground that I had walked on

The place I laid my head at
The stairs I walked down
The place I ate from

All these memories
Running through my head


About the time we always played in the rain
In front of the building

Young we were
we didn’t understand

Older we got
we misunderstood

As the rain washes away my building
Slowly everything is an empty field

How do I feel?


But I still hold on to the memories