The purpose of this piece is to answer the question of “Why the U.S. government spend too much money on military?”.This piece was for my Economic Fundamentals course. I wrote this paper because I wanted to know more about why the U.S. Government spent too much money on military. I wrote this paper not because of I have a lot of military experience. I just wanted to share my opinions of where the government should spend money than military.


Today, the U.S. government are spending more money on military instead of helping other people. The U.S government is spending too much money on military because they want to fight the war on terrorism. In this paper, This study will focus on government spending and the mortgage crisis. This research will look at the military expense and how it effects mortgage. This paper will also look at how the government  buy bad mortgages. 

Please refer the following link to my paper: Why the U.S government spend too much money on military?