The element I chose was earth. In the process of creating this poem, I was especially focused on the tonal aspect, consonants and sounds in repetition. Earth as an element has always spoken to me.

                                  “Mulberry Tree” Van Gogh

I became the other day
Pacing down the concrete grey
golden leaves in packs astray pair by pair
do they brighten the day. I am abruptly beguiled,
My eyes…   have betrayed   my perception today,
For  my  city  grey is now  a  Mulberry in the glade!
I  become    dumbfounded,   dizzy, I  must  behold
this,   delight in   this!  My hand  grazes  the  bark..
I  plummet  there,  I  drop  to  the  ground    below
A       branch      swings     like   a      pendulum
My      breath     decelerates     its      pace
The      leaves        decend     gracefully
with gravity– Galileo  Galileo!
I am left there, prodigal,


and grave.

“Grande Hazana! Con muertos!” Goya


I am frightened to see the world as it is.

The terrain has been picked, excavated and burned.

The last  tree stands,  decrepit,  delicate,  insubstantial.

It  takes  a  doleful  drag  of  the  befouled,  diluted  air…

And in a dismal dialect his leaves wistfully whispered

A blessing to the beings who, in fear,

timidity, and trepidation–

in ode,




to him.