This week for our field experience, we took a trip to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. This experience was especially informational and relevant to my studies because I learned a great deal about global relationships, the power of a city like Chicago, and the way that we can be problem solvers of global conflict.

Doing background research on the Chicago Council, I was excited to learn about their work on global affairs, their events they host frequently, and their internship opportunities. At the Council, they do a lot of work regarding Agriculture and Development, and seeing as there are millions starving in our world, securing food for these countries is a huge topic of interest, and furthermore something I might want to become involved in.

I have been slowly but surely piecing together all that I have learned in the past few weeks about the Global Economy, including how Global relationships work, and where I stand in the midst of it. I am learning about different ways that I can be a catalyst for philanthropy, problem solving, and progress in both my community and my generation.