During our field experience we learn a lot about the world issues and events that take place. We as well learned about the issues and concerns we face here in Chicago. Going to The Chicago Council on global affairs it really opened my eyes on specific ideas and topics that I really never thought about. Learning about what the council does for average citizens like me really got me motivated to learn more and keep learning about global affairs and important events I should know about. The council educates the regular citizen on global affairs and gets them interested in a specific topic. Similar to the ripple effect, once somebody learns about globalization they pass it on to others and hopefully that will give us the chance to slowly help these countries that really need help.

Going to the Chicago council it made me think of ideas and opportunities I might want to consider and learn more about, as I get older. The trip made a connection with just about every course I take along with my interests in learning about global cultures. The council’s biggest goal is to help educate civilians about globalization issues taking place all over the world. They lead a public discussion about different issues. For example crimes that are happening in foreign countries, they specifically talked about the ones that took place in Columbia relating to the drug trafficking. Continuing with these crimes we are on a bad path of ruining our future generations to come. Citizens need to come together and come up with solutions to help one another. The council as well shows up in parts of my economy and global rap courses. In our global rap class we are learning about different culture and their effects on poetry. The council is similar because of its connection to inform citizens on today’s issues that is affecting globalization.

The council educates people but instead of poems, they look at global issues and ask questions about that specific area. Basically I learned many new things about cultures by writing poems as well as attending this meeting. Last but not least the council relates to my economy course because they do a lot of reports on the global economy, and how one thing can affect not only America but also everywhere else. They bring these issues to the public, which lets the public get a better idea of what is happening around the world. As well as to be thankful for what you have, and make sure you can help these unfortunate countries better themselves around the world.