This piece is from our F.E (Field Experience) to The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. I like this piece because I’ve got to learn what The Global Council does in Chicago. The Chicago Council mission is to bring the world to Chicago and bring Chicago to the World. They also provide information, resources and host public discussion regarding immigration issues, education and help improve the economy.


Today we went to The Chicago Global Council. We had a chance to listen to the presentation of Mia Luthanen Arter, Christopher Juby and Craig Kafura. I learned that The Global Chicago was founded in 1922 after World War 2. The Global Chicago mission is To bring the world to Chicago by hosting programs and private events featuring the world leaders and experts. They present 150 public and leadership programs in each year. They presented each one of their different experiences. They talked about the lack of economy in South America and Africa. When they present the issues of economy and educations, they reminded me of the class that I have now: Economic Fundamental. In E.F class we learn about the U.S economy and how the other countries are affected. Many people move to another country because of bad economy in their country and bad government. In E.F class we study how to make sustainable our environment. The Global Chicago contributes to the agricultural development and food security and the energy.