Field Experience

Today for Field experience we visited Global Chicago to see what services they offer. We learned that they hold public forums in which they bring in experts on today’s global issues and host an open and bipartisan discussion in order to educate Chicagoans. We learned about the many resources they offer to the people of Chicago such as: English Classes, Non-for-profit database for reference and forums specifically directed towards teens. This is a reflection of what we learned from Global Chicago and how it will inform our classes for the rest of the year.

I think this field experience will not only help us further our studies in our classes but encompasses GCE as a whole. GCE’s main purpose is to educate so we can advocate. Global Chicago is a bipartisan organization but the main goal is to educate Chicagoans, like discussions from experts, so they can make informed decisions on global problems. This is also very similar to our course Spanish (Pueblos) course because in that class we are researching about immigration in Latin America. This issue is extremely prevalent in today’s society and, as teens, we need to understand all the things that are affecting our world. Furthermore, in our Econ/Fundamentals course we are learning about the economy and how to correctly manage our money. Although Global Chicago didn’t talk about how to manage our money, they do hold lectures on the struggling global economy as well as other aspects of it. Lastly, in our Crimes Against humanities course we are all writing crime fiction stories about different cities throughout the world. A lot of the forums that Global Chicago holds can help us make better, more detailed and plausible stories when we are writing. This field experience has provided us with a great resource that will enrich our classes throughout the year.