The refreshing atmosphere of the Chicago Global Council put me into a position of feeling entrepreneurship. The core discussions that my class observed put issues regarding immigration and other topics on policy reform into perspective. I put myself in a position similarly as a college student looking into studies based off of what can be done to discuss problem solving for a better social society. As an objective for attending a short meeting with the Council of Global Affairs, I wanted to base what I learned as a supporter for beginning to write my crime fiction piece in my Crimes Against Humanities course. I have a strong threshold on understanding the values of developing a plot based on using true facts about the city in which this story will come from. The Chicago Global Council put into perspective that there are organizations set up for the sole purpose of doing good for the sake of other people in need of help. And that affairs regarding the demand of change in a city or country are topics that are being addressed in complex ways. This has a familiar objective in the way I want to approach understanding crime and suffering in a different region of the world.

Visiting the Council of Global Affairs allowed me to invest in the ability to truly understand how problems they deal with arise. Organizations that fight for a cause that represents thousands of people who suffer from the pressure of the society they live in. Main effects that drive people to have a certain lifestyle come from the places they live. This can drive people to be forced into a life of constant pressure from policies of their city. Developing a Crime Fiction story comes from being able to write about occurring problems as if it were to represent the true essence of its setting. I want my work to represent injustices that pertain to the factual context of the country I chose in order to have my work stand for true issues occurring. I will be doing a study of Berlin, Germany in the perspective of a novelist inventing a particular crime that captures the area’s unmasked citizen mentalities. If I am to be writing this piece, I must make an effort to display that the issues I discuss are in fact a universal mentality seen in criminals. And choosing a particular city, I enhance this character mentality from the history of Berlin as a study.