I felt like this field experience was informative. It was more of a learning experience rather then a hands-on experience. We all gathered a lot of information from the presenters and asked them many questions. I really liked how they answered in great detail and purpose. They do truly know what they are talking about and I feel proud that those kind of people are representing our city by facilitating global relationships. I made many connections to what they were saying with my Crimes Against Humanity class. I found out that location means a lot. Since we live in the Midwest, we think inward–which creates a platform in the heartland of America for people to discuss global issues. They also have all of these connections with different places around the world. This made me think about how I could incorporate different regions into my crime fiction story. This council puts Chicago out into the world and acts like a community bridge. Without it, we wouldn’t be unable to hear other people’s perspectives. Another connection I made was between our school and the council. We both think on a global scale and try to create different relationships with different people/organizations. Clearly they have a bigger name then we do, but I think we both have the same objectives. Overall, I think that this field experience was educational and connected with our schools objective.