The purpose of this poem was to ask the president for freedom. My poem is about the secret war that is happening in Syria since the end of 2010. In Syria, two groups are fighting against each other; one group is supporting the president, and the other is against him, asking for their rights. My poem is “A Letter To The Shark President” from the people who are against Mr. Assad. My Poem was inspired by the DAM group of hip hop. I am proud of this piece, because I would never expect myself writing a poem like this, or expecting my self RAPPING! I liked this piece because it is about Syria, and I love that country, and also because it was fun and it was inspired by the DAM GROUP. Enjoy the poem!

Poem HTML :

We are men and women
We have no difference like the animals
Now, we are Heaven and Ground.

Now, we know what is violence.
Violence is tear and hell of pain.

There is only One city: Earth.
We are ONE.
Me and I — the connection is unbreakable.
We are LOYAL members.
We have faith in what we believe.

We don’t follow man-made rules.
We don’t believe what people say.
We don’t do what people tell us to do.

We follow our own RULES.
We believe what we think is RIGHT.
We do what GOD has given us.

If the world is the ocean
We will be like the school-fish.
The government will be like the shark.

A letter to the shark president
inspired by DAM

Dear, Mr. President

“Who’s the terrorist?

I’m the terrorist?!”

مين ارهابي؟

انا ارهابي؟
You’ve never gave me my rights, even when I’m living in my homeland

“Who’s the terrorist?

You’re the terrorist!”

مين ارهابي؟

انت ارهابي؟
Why terrorist?!
Because my blood is not calm
It’s boiling!
It’s like an ocean
made of 900 rivers,
made of the blood of 900 people,
that died since the uprising.

“Who’s the terrorist?

I’m the terrorist!”

مين ارهابي؟

انا ارهابي؟

You’ve killed my loved ones
Now I’m all alone
My parents driven out
But I will remain to shout out

“I’m not against peace

Peace is against me”

انا مش ضد السلام

السلام هوه ضدي

“And who are you?!


You don’t have much experience of leading

and how many orphans you’ve created

And you, the terrorist, calls me the terrorist!”

“Who’s the terrorist?

You’re the terrorist!”

مين ارهابي؟

انت ارهابي؟

We’ll overcome our pain
Just relax and leave us all the pain
“I Will always believe in myself,
even if you call me a terrorist”
احنا عرب(we are Arab) and Arab people are the ones who can make it