In Global RAP, we created protest songs for a topic that matters to us. To me, the rights and equal treatment of anyone with a different sexual orientation or identification are important to me. Discrimination against anyone in the LGBTQ community causes insecurities that can lead to consequences as negative as suicide. I wrote the lyrics to be a short statement about how everyone is allowed to love in their own way. I would especially like to thank my supportive friend, MFM, for helping me in providing the instrumentals and voice for the song. She worked her way with the lyrics to create a melody that fit the love-song mood of the song.

Voice/Guitar: MFM

The lyrics to the song:
We’re the color
every gray night and auror
shining to go through someone’s heart
so why bother putting us apart?
Close every door
I won’t live with this anymore
This can’t be silence
It’s just another process

[MFM’s chorus]
Fell to the floor
Why is it so wrong
to bring us closer

One wall was always missing
to stop all the whispering
Is it such a stretch of the imagination
to let others in your kingdom?
Please don’t close the door

[MFM’s chorus] x2