My poem has very deep meaning. I meant for it to be powerful and sound almost like a song. It has a certain rhythm in it simply because it all rhymes. I used words like “documentation” and “conviction” to add a certain amount of formality to the poem and tried to bring it all together with words describing jail. This is probably my favorite poem I have written this year. I love the way that it explains such a touchy and complicated subject with a sense of calmness.


There was a light at the end of the tunnel

Not the same red and blue lights that I feared

A brightness that made my mind cleared


But the power of daunt carried like a weight

I never meant harm

We thrive on hate


I deserved an explanation

Not a convicted documentation

A place of restoration


To my struggles against society

Made me not a person but a number

They try to put me in a permanent slumber


I was tired of being shot at

Being chased was a daily routine since 13

With cops all over the scene


You have no choice but to roll on

Pull through

Bring upon


Conformed to ways unexplained

Feeling, emotions and actions untamed


There was a light at the end of the tunnel

The same shade as my baby brothers night light

Hoping tomorrow his big brother wouldn’t have to fight


A white light of good

The black night of bad

I want nothing more then to jump and attack


My pace is always quick

Twice the speed of a normal

Raised this way, so I’m not formal


Trained to run and hide

Only to find myself getting tied


Pray for forgiveness from god for my mistakes

Shadows of bars cover my body

While the longing for light becomes at stake


Alone but the most read about on the headlines

Is there a way form me to change?

No just a life conviction to be arranged


There was a light at the end of the tunnel

Today wasn’t just another day

It was a morning filled with gray