In my population class, we did a final project on why study Population? The main question that we were working on was, WHY STUDY POPULATION?. We had a equation that we were following this whole time. It’s Na=No^(kt). You might not understand what I’m talking about or what this equation means. Na=Population after, No=Starting population, kt=birth rate. I am going to talk about the reasons why  we study population?

MY Pop Final by mrbae

NOVEMBER 07, 2005, by Azra Raza

UNAIDS (2010)                                                                             


7 July 2009, by Supaman89                                                                                                      7–8 children
6–7 children
5–6 children
4–5 children
3–4 children
2–3 children
1–2 children
0–1 children