It’s important for everybody to have health insurance because without health insurance lots of people can die. The purpose of this piece is to interview people at the North/Clybourn intersection in Chicago to ask about their health insurance. This information will help us understand more about health care issues in America.

What is public good?
* It’s something that is guaranteed to the citizen by the government, for example food or water.
What are some arguments in favor of treating human needs as public good?
* Since it’s a human need, people should be guaranteed to have access to health insurance by the government.
What are the best arguments in favor of treating health care as a public good?
* Your health is a human necessity, it’s like the water you need to survive.
Explain the survey you created, how you distributed it, and the purpose of the survey/ interview?
* In the survey we conducted today we asked questions to find out what Americans think about health care insurance. We asked questions to find out what people’s opinions were about how safe they felt about their health care.
What did you find out through this research?

In this table, most people thought health care should be free, but a few answers varied. Also, many of the answers displayed insecurity and a sense of un-ease about their health care. As you can see one question was not answered. This was because it required greater detail than a multiple choice question, to listen to a few answers, here is the link.

Timestamp How secure do you feel that your health care provider will cover you in your time of need? Have you or an family member ever had an essential medical procedure or medicine been declined by your health care provider? Do you think health care should be free? Do you think it would be fair if the government provided everyone with the same health care plan? What would you like to see change in our health care plan? Do you have Health care insurance?
3 Don’t know, 4 sort of, 1 very. 1/2 No, 1/4 yes 1/4 don’t know 3/4 yes 1/4 no 100% yes 7 yes 1 no


Here are the interviews. These answers displayed a want for change in health care, but everyone agreed on one thing. Health care should be provided for everyone, weather it’s free or not people realized everyone needs health care.