It is important that everybody has a home because if we do not provide homes for people, they will die. For civic engagement, we were interviewing people about the public good. We need to support and take care of people who are in need.

What is the public good?
Public good effects everyone including homeless people.

What are some arguments in favor or treating human needs as public good?
Housing should be a public good which is needed all over the world because we have people who can not take care of themselves.

What are the best arguments in favor of treating housing as public good?
Everyone should have the right to live comfortably.

Explain the survey you created,how you distributed it,and the purpose of the survey/interview?
We ask people if they can answer our questions about housing.The reason I did this is to find out what the main problem is in Chicago.

What did you find out through this research?
Everybody was complaining about the housing discrimination as the big problem.

Attach a table that summarizes the results of your survey tags

These are graphs of the data we collected:

Question 1: What do you think is the most important public good?

Question 2: Would people be willing to take a tax increase for more affordable public housing? If so, how much?

Question 3: What do you think communities can do to handle the issue of sheltering the homeless?

Question 4: What was the main reason for the Cabrini Greens downfall?

Question 5: On a scale of 1-5 (one being not at all, and five being serious), how significant or visible is housing discrimination?