A public good is a human need that we pay for collectively and enjoy together. We should never take a public need for ourselves no matter what. Human needs should be treated as an important necessity because everyone in the world needs them. Everyone needs medical care, education, food, shelter etc. We should treat education as a public good because everyone in this world needs an education. Every child should be educated so they can grow up to improve the world in any way they can and help the next generations.The survey I created asked citizens how they felt about the Chicago Public School system. As a group we asked random citizens if they would like to take our survey. The purpose of our survey was to find out what the citizens thought about schools that were private, public, home schooling, charter school or a boarding school. Through this research, I found that the majority of our interviewees did not agree completely with the current education in our city. They believed that there needs to be a big change to our education.

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