In my civil engagement class, we were assigned to look at specific topics to do a research project. I am researching the issues of food as a public good. A public good is an item whose consumption is not decided by the individual consumer but by the public as a whole. In simpler words, why is food not available to all? However, there are many disagreements on food being a public good. Many believe food should be a private good. This is not a good idea, It causes many people to continue to starve. If this happens, the high power government officials get to decide who in the public gets what base off of what they believe is fair. Which leaves others in the public unequal. So in our groups, we created a survey that provides important information to our research. We asked the public to take our survey in the area around our school. We did this survey so we could get a better understanding on the public’s knowledge and their opinions about the hunger issues. By creating the surveys we were able to help them become aware of the food crisis we are facing. I as well learned a lot about how the public and private goods work. I also learned the main issues causing hunger which we can all blame on the inequality in america, as well as the prices of food due to the economy. Also the growth of population which makes the issue that many people in one area might not have enough food to supply them all. Nutrition is as well a big issue. People have food but many are still weak and sick because they dont have the nutrition they need to stay healthy. I did learn a lot that can help me make the right choices with food. It also made me appreciate the everyday items that we take for granted. By taking this survey we hope it will make a few more people aware and interested in helping the fight against hunger in America.