We are studying public goods currently. Before this course started, I was not totally positive on how I was going to grasp an understanding of the subject. I ended up finding a way to connect the public good of food, to the study of obesity. Obesity is a very touchy subject that has been a problem for many years. I wanted to study it more in depth, because I think it is a problem that is stressed enough. I have been reading books and doing research on the topic. I have found in this short period of studying, that the study of obesity is incredibly interesting. It has so many factors to it. I enjoy what I am studying greatly and hope that by obtaining knowledge about this subject, will be able to transfer it into my life. The point of the survey was to display this information in a way for the public to understand the current situation with food as a public good. By obtaining people’s thoughts on the subject, we can then transfer it into real life situations and data.