The purpose of this piece is to understand the issues of food for the  public good. Our main question is ” How is food considered a public good?”. In the USA, there are citizens who don’t know about the issues of hunger for poor people. We have many starving people  in our world even though we have enough food for everyone. We can save under privileged people by sharing resources like food.  There are many people who worry about getting enough  food for themselves or their families including children.

A public good is something good that its for  to  everyone enjoy even though they don’t provide it equally.  We saw on our survey that many arguments in favor of treating human needs, food  and education should be a public good. We walked to the Whole Food and did interviews to people who work there. The purpose of the survey is to know people’s thought of what is a public good to them. I found out that some people understand what a public good is and some people don’t.