The purpose of this piece was to make a survey about public education. After my group created a survey, we practiced interview questions on each other.  We then went out to interview people near our school. I discovered that people have different goals about their education.

What is a Public Good?

Public good may be consumed without reducing the amount available to others. Public goods includes; law enforcement, national defense, parks, and other things for the use and benefit of all. No market exists for such goods, and they are provided to everyone by governments.

What are some arguments in favor or treating human needs as public goods?

1. You need  education to make our world, earth, a better place.
2. Our lives get to be easy if we set goals about education.
3. People can feel equal to each other.

What are the best arguments in favor treating education as a public?

1. Some day an educated person can change the world.
2. We never know who could make a difference if we don’t give them a chance in school.

3.  The world would powerful and better if there are more people  are educated.

Explain the survey you created, how would you distributed it, and the purpose of the survey?

The survey we created was about how people feel about the government taking taxes to provide education for the public good.  The purpose of the survey is to help people.

What did you find out about this research?
I found out that people believe educated people who will change the world.


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Winrock, 2008