GCE is our laboratory for learning. Everything we do is up for discussion and review.  We reflect, collaborate, and balance the load.  We act upon ideas, test out new technologies, continuously refine curriculum and instruction, and we do it without too much drama.

A major part of what fuels our laboratory is our partnership program. Our City2Classroom model has resulted in more than 100 corporate, non-profit, and government partnerships in one year.

Over the next few months, we will be sharing much more about what goes on in our lab: with students, guest experts, volunteers, staff, and partners.

Tonight, I would like to share one glimpse of how GCE, our laboratory for learning, functions.  Below is an email to a partner organization that I would like to share with each of you.


(video by Carlos Leite)

GCE Training Day 1 from GCE on Vimeo.


Evening Dale,

Thank you for the personal and professional email. Last night reminded me that anything is possible. A serendipitous connection exists between intentions and actions.  We must put ourselves out there, but with humility and gratitude.  At times, this has been a struggle for me, but life has an ironic ability to give a “humbling”.  These days, I am fortunate to connect with people who constantly challenge the limits of what we accept as possible.  My strength is that I see purpose and programmatic possibility in these interactions.  You share that strength.
I would be much obliged If you would connect me with your [colleague].  There is much for the three of us to discuss.
Collaboration is the higher form of competition.
p.s. I too am ecstatic about the new partnership (we’ll let the cat out of the bag in the New Year!)