Once again we grapple with assessment weighting; invariably this happens at the end and beginning of each term.  Once again we try to balance process and product.  Once again we have come to a conclusion that is, at best temporary.  For winter term 2012,  we will proceed with the following assessment plan.  It is not perfect, and we already have ideas about how to improve it, but this is what we’re doing.  Please share your thoughts if you have them.  We’d be grateful for the feedback.  Thanks.


Preparation: 15%

  • Executive Functioning:
    • Materials (computer, pens/pencils, papers, resources)
    • Note-taking
    • Knowing your next steps (homework, meetings, etc)
    • Ability to work independently
  • Prep:
    • Completed work for class (exercises)
    • Prepared with questions for instructors and peers

Process: 55%

  • Engagement
    • Desire to learn
    • Desire to help others learn
    • Demonstrating learning (leading by example)
    • Holding others accountable (no FB or texting)
    • Response to challenges
  • Communication
    • In-person, phone, and email
    • With instructors
    • With peers
    • Body language
  • Check-points
    • Graded product, may or may not be daily (builds toward milestone)

Product: 30%

  • Final draft of milestones