The purpose of this assignment was to imitate Socrates, by talking about problems that no one is talking about in the world.
My favorite part was seeing others present, and learning about problems that I had never thought about. I also loved the part where each of us had to do a pose to represent a philosopher from the big picture with all the great Greek Philosophers.
I chose the theme of Facebook, because it is a problem in the world now that few are talking about. I have a lot of friends that are ruining their lives by sitting on Facebook, and that is affecting their lives. I hate seeing other people’s lives getting ruined and not say or do anything about it.
I learned a lot about problems I would never expect someone would talk about. Now, I learned to not be afraid of speaking up if you see a problem out there in the world — that no one wants to talk about.

MY’s Speech on Facebook from GCE on Vimeo.