The purpose of this assignment was to connect my apology or problem to Socrates’ apology speech that we read. My favorite part of this project was researching about the war in the Congo and finding out so much I never knew about a problem so far away from us yet in which we are so involved. I chose the theme of the Congo war because I believe it is one of the biggest conflicts world wide right now that we all need to approach. I learned that the Congo war is one of the biggest conflicts since World War II and in my eyes that is a very appalling thing to read.

Today I would like to ask you if you’ve heard about the terrible civil war and mass killings in the Congo. Young children, mothers, fathers are all being murdered over these minerals that we Americans so preciously need. Between 1998 and 2003 around 5.4 million people were killed over these minerals. That’s right, 5.4 million people in 5 years, making this the most deadly conflict since world war II.

Do you really think that it’s alright to have millions of innocent people dying just so you can have your measly Ipod made for you? The DRC  holds 80% of the world’s coltan reserves, more than 60% of the world’s cobalt, and the world’s largest supply of high-grade copper. These minerals are all needed around the world. Coltan is the main mineral used to make electronics which means that the people of the DRC are dieing over the mineral that is in the phones we have in our pockets right now and the laptops on our tables. But we can do something to change that, together.

The U.S needs these minerals to maintain military dominance, economic prosperity, and consumer satisfaction. But they also say that they have nothing to do with funding the on going war in the Congo. Which is a complete lie.

A way we can help stop this war is to donate money to organizations trying to resolve this conflict such as the organization falling whistles. You can find them by typing up falling whistles website. Just try and get the word out and try to only buy from large company’s who do NOT receive conflict minerals. Informing yourself and others of this conflict is a great way to taking steps for this war to stop.

You may not think that this effects us that much just because it’s a war very very far away. But trust me it does. The purchase of electronics from companys who use conflict minerals by itself should be a crime. You have blood on your hands. If you want to save lives you will take action. You’ll wipe the blood off your hands and make a difference in the world.