The purpose of this assignment was to do something that you find is an issue.

My favorite part was saying how I feel.

I chose the Drew Peterson’s case as my theme, because some people don’t know about him and also I think he should have a life sentence, instead of getting out of jail on a bond; death is not a game.

I learned that some students didn’t know about my theme until I started writing about it.

Some of them you can’t trust
You have good cops and you have the bad cop
I thought that you were here to help me
But instead you out here trying to kill me
Good cops are here to serve people
And as for you Drew Peterson
He’s killed the ones that loved him the most
Wife number three March 1, 2004
Wife number four October 28, 2007
Not only did he murder 2 of his wives
But he also cheated on wife number one for wife number two
Yeah! wife number two thought it was sweet until she got beatYeah! He has a sentenced
But he can get out on a 20 million bond
He should a had a life sentence and that should have been the end
Death is not a game
that you can play and think you are going to win
Once a person is gone, you cannot bring them back
I guess it’s just one of them, police things
Where you can murder someone and get a bondOn the other hand, if it was anyone else that was not on the streets
They would have had a life sentence

I guess it only happens to people that live in the hood
Maybe they should start treating people right
And start things bright and opening their mouth and say what they think is right
Everybody has something to say, even at a blink of an eye
Your option counts and everybody knows that
Neither be yes, no or I don’t know or maybe so
Many people don’t know how to say how they feel
But you can’t sit around and be a quiet clown
That’s just making everyone sad and down
You are scared to say how you feel

You don’t have to have a lot of knowledge to speak up
Like Socrates said he don’t know anything
So you can know little of anything
And still speak up