The Purpose of this assignment was to try to connect to the Apology, written by Plato after Socrates gave a speech in court to try to convince people that he is a innocent old man.

My favorite part of this project was actually performing my speech, because I felt like I was the one in control of the whole room.

I choose the NBA lockout because it is something deep in my life and I wanted to share how it affected me and my friends.

I learned about a lot of things in this lockout, from who actually controlled it to who was representing the NBA.

MML’s Speech on the NBA Lockout from Carlos Pittella-Leite on Vimeo.

Before I start my speech, I would like the people who know what a lockout is to raise their hands….. thanks. For those who don’t know what a NBA lockout is… let me tell you. It is a lawsuit or argument that involves the players and owners of the NBA. Lockouts are usually based on money.

The NBA lockout was something that affected fans all around the country, from not watching their favorite player playing live at the arena… to eating dinner and watching the game on T.V. One of the major things that affected the community was selling tickets for money. Some people buy $4,000 season tickets and then they could sell tickets to make profit. But since the lockout happened, people could not sell for a profit. I think this happened because some players thought they weren’t making enough money even though they are making millions a year.

So, I was talking to my friends to acquire some data about the NBA lockout, and I was contemplating what they thought about it — and half of them were talking about the players being greedy, and the other half did not really care about the lockout.

One solution that I had in mind was to send letters to the association to try to convince them to stop or resolve the lawsuit if a lockout ever happens again.


Try to gather friends together and send letters, multiple times a week to force them to make a decision to stop the lockout or come to an agreement.

So, what would you do to stop a NBA lockout?