The purpose of this assignment was to recreate an apology like the one Socrates said, so that we could learn and understand from our own perspectives.

My Apology

Do you think following or not following CTA rules reflects on your character? You might be thinking….why does this matter? Or why is this an important question?

This is an important question because I think your actions help identify who you are and what your values are. The rules of CTA fall under a golden rule which is to be polite. Is being polite a value to you as a person. If so, to what extent are you willing to go to honor that value?

For example, a rule of CTA is to not eat or drink on trains/buses. However,this is a commonly broken rule. Should food be allowed on trains? What if someone has a medical problem that requires them to eat every so often, but their commute is so long they will be on the train during that time period. Should they be an exception to the rule? But who makes that exception and who decides if their condition is worthy of an exception? Who is going to dedicate their time to making your life choices? How do you arrange to meet this person?

Think about why food is not allowed. Is that necessary? There are diminutive reasons for instance, people can make a mess with their food or litter. Consider a more complicated issue like allergies. Say someone eats something that is seemingly harmless like peanut butter m&ms and then touches the rail to steady their balance. You might think…..What’s wrong with that? Nothing? But then someone with a deadly peanut allergy comes along, and also touches the rail and they start having a reaction. Which scenario is more likely to harm someone?

If a person has an allergic reaction unexpectedly they could have real serious consequences. Although if someone has diet issues they should just plan in advance, one scenario allows you to work ahead, one doesn’t.

To address this issue I think we as a community should lead by example. How do we do that. To lead by example not only do we need to pay attention to our own actions. But others as well, if you see someone leave a soda can on the floor, pick it up and throw it away. When we help others we help ourselves. We should care about this issue because we all are a community and we all want to be respected.