• The purpose of this assignment was to learn and challenge ourselves to see what problems do people have.
  • My favorite part of this project was to learn from my classmates.
  • I chose the theme of South Sudan, because I want to tell people what is bothering me about my country and share my thoughts.
  • I learned  a lot of things from my classmates; it was amazing to me to hear stories from them.

Why should we care about what is going on now in South Sudan?

My country is South Sudan.  In my country, over 1.5 million people have a problem of famine, money and Education.  People are stealing other people’s property…  But no one can rob something easily; they have to kill a person to get away.

Last year, on October 2011, the Murle tribe pretended to be someone else; they dressed in Sudan People Liberation uniform and they told people from Lou-Nuer that they wanted all their weapons.  Lou-Nuer thought they were the real army of South Sudan.  They gave out their weapons to the Murle tribe.  After they had all of the weapons, they started shooting.

1,000 people were killed on that day.

On December 2011 the Luo-Nuer took revenge: they declared they would occupy the Murle towns and disarm the population by force. They claimed that was the only solution to stop the Murle tribe from attacking people.

Now 3,000 people were killed during the Lou-Nuer tribe attacks.

On January 2012, the Murle attacked Duk Padiet, another tribe, killed 47 and injured 22.  Most were Children, old women, old men, disabled people…

When I left my country, it was the same problem that is going on now.  Nothing changed.  This 4 million were displaced.  Do you think these people will come back one day?

How can we help?

If I were the president, I would take the problem seriously, by creating a lot of jobs and schools to keep everybody busy.  So, nobody would be walking around to disturb others and killing.  The best way is to bring peace, unity, economic development.  I should talk with many people to help me and work hard to find peace in the country.

Are you willing to help?