While studying Sarvodaya, one of Gandhi’s four principles, we discussed different types of nonviolent protests in history. The freedom song assignment was used to take a specific person involved in a nonviolent movement and write a poem from their point of view, taking into consideration their uses of Sarvodaya within their protest. I chose to show the work of Lucy Burns, a suffragist in the early twentieth century. I chose to write about her because I value the women who worked hard to make sure that I, and all of the women around me, have the ability to have a voice. Lucy Burns devoted everything she had to the women’s suffrage movement, and I respect her immensely for her sacrifice.

Lucy Burns Freedom Song

I am tired.
I have been fighting too long
too many struggles.
My name is Lucy
I am
a suffragist.
I have worked for women’s rights
all over England America
they all deserve to have
a voice.
I can help them find it.
Women cannot vote
They are unable to have an opinion
But I have an opinion.
I have a voice.
I have devoted everything
my life,
my education,
my freedom
so I could give those things
to them. to you.
I will not be silenced.
None of us will.
I will not use violence
I am strong enough
Without it
I have been jailed
six times
I have been handcuffed
all night
to a bar above my head
but I will not stoop to that level
I am tired.
But this fight is worth
the exhaustion.

My Freedom Song:

affect my life
green and yellow
for happiness
sometimes anger
calm, peaceful, a little melancholy
and then,
when they mix
making something completely
bright and dull
dark and light
they make me feel alive
sometimes, colors
they don’t always
make me happy
sometimes the stress
the pain
the panic takes over
and I am lonely
and my breath is caught
and I don’t know what happened
to my brain
to my chest
and my heart.
I have started
to make a change
I refuse
say no
I will not live with pain
I will be happy
I will make things good.
I have left behind the badness
stashed it away in a hidden place
where I can find it
if I need it
but the colors become brighter
and I find
I do not