Here is my proposal to rebuild Ground Zero:

  1. it has a lot of space for everyone to play, to think, to congregate…
  2. the plan shows the tower on only one side of “ground zero” and trees around the building;
  3. the trees make the place look beautiful, because it looks green instead of gray;
  4. this shows peace in the world, because it is for everybody; not for a single culture or religion…

RJ's "Ground Zero" Design

You know you arrived at this building, because……
you see one beautiful building surrounded by open air.
You will also see the big playground for  over 2,000 kids to play different games.
We need kids to grow up in a place of freedom.
In the building, you will see offices and clinics.
You will see different signs written in different languages, saying welcome to this place.
You can compare the building to the beautiful Eideard building, that looks like an iceberg.

When you enter this building,
You smell roses
you can touch the walls
you see the beautiful decoration around
You hear no noise, the place is so quiet…
You can taste the air; it feels not too hot, nor too cold…
You remember all the fear and sadness for 9/11,

To walk through this building, you need
To have your I.D and sign in, so we know who you are.
There are computers to check your bags.

Once you reach the center of this building, you may remember how people are suffering in your country. Also, you will see something on the side of the building: the names of the people who died on 9/11/2001; you may put some flowers around. There will be a computer for visitors to leave messages for those who died in 9/11: you can say “I miss you, because…” To write a message, you need a special pen, to write on the computer screen.

When you leave this building, you are transformed, because somebody will remind you again about what happened… But not only for 9/11, think about the future too. Peace is the powerful thing we need, as they say in the Qur’an: “And their Lord responded to them, ‘I certainly don’t overlook the work of any worker among you male or female: You come from one another'” and in the Bible: “And above all things have fervent love for one another for love will cover a multitude of sins”.

Who will do this building, if not you?