The purpose of this project was to rebuild a building on Ground Zero to try to make peace in the area were there has been so much tragedy.

My project was inspired by the Chicago Spire that was supposed to be built across the street of Navy Pier in 2015, but they canceled the project because of funding.

This building builds peace, because it helps non-profit organizations start up, and this building gives people a chance to revisit the sight in a good way, by learning some of the history and remembering their loved ones.

You know you have arrived at this building because it is going to be the tallest building in New York. Also because it is going to be fully made out of glass on the outside. It is going to be pretty eye-catching because of the light against the building. Some things that are in the building is the memorial museum to 9/11 with artifacts; you can see the list of up and coming non-profits that reside in the building.

When you enter the New York Spire, you feel free and maybe a little scared, because of how tall it is. You can touch the stainless steel railing on the stairs. You can smell fresh air from outside. You can see everything around you because the building is made entirely out of glass. You can hear people speaking their minds. You will also be able to see some of the artifacts from the 9/11 sights in the memorial exhibit.

To walk through the building, you will need to let go of your fears and you might need your state ID or passport.

Once you reach the center of the building, you may put all of your things down and be able to explore a memorial that can show millions what happened on 9/11.

When you leave this space, you are transformed, because this is one building that can change the life of millions. It would feel like seeing something you have always wanted to see for the first time. It would feel like it took your breath away.