The purpose of this project was to choose a proposed building from Ground Zero and convince you why that building brings peace to us, in a speech. You had to put new ideas to what you think could be improved from that building.

My project was inspired by many people, because this building shows us how to connect with people in the city and globally. I am inspired by the memorial square because it gives memories to those who lost their families or friends — and allows them to meet new people.

This building builds peace, because it would show us ways to connect with different cultures in the city; symbolizes the connections of New York City and the world. Many of us like a place that supports daily activities, while allowing moments of contemplation and silence or good views.

You know you arrived at the Memorial Square when you get to New York City at the World Trade Center site. It is a public space for New Yorkers and is both contained and extended in width and length… And you will see a pool that is shaped like the 9/11 numbers.

When you enter this building you feel calm, you hear silence, you see many people walking, standing, staring, remembering… You see planted trees that mark the final shadows cast by 9 /11 when the towers fell. You can have lunch there, where you get to sit and calmly eat your yummy food. Memories flow in the reflected pool. You get to smell nature, air. Trees and tables, and mirrors touch you like a dirt in your hands.

To walk through this building you will need to have flowers and open-mindedness, meeting with new people. You be emotional, and you need to have a purpose: why are you here?

Once you get here you may make connections with the memories of those who died or were terrorized by 9/11; you may go to a Sky-Deck, you may visit the Performing Arts Theater, you may go to the Freedom Library.

When you leave the center of this building you are transformed, because you get to feel released from spirits, observe the skyline from the Sky-Deck, and remember people who died because of 9/11. You get to have good experiences, you feel different than you were before, you feel like the person (or people) you lost are there with you, with their spirits protecting you.