The purpose of my Andersonville Field Experience was to examine the aspects of Swadeshi that are in Chicago. Andersonville was the perfect example because it has many locally owned businesses and supports the idea of a local economy. I got to interview Jessica Hammer of the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce about this. Below there is a recording of the interview followed by the interview transcribed.

— How do you think businesses communicate with each other in terms of a local economy?

I think they do well at communicating with each other because they have a greater value for their customers. Like for example you can go into a lot of stores and ask if they have an item and if they do not they will know someone around the neighborhood that does. It is also the same with the service related businesses. People that join the chamber are looking for more clients.


Swadeshi in Chicago looks like the neighborhood of Andersonville to me. The reason why I say this is because of the connection that all the businesses share with each other. It is a rare occurrence in Andersonville to find large corporations because the small, family owned businesses outnumber them. After my journey to the Chamber of Commerce I learned how the businesses in Andersonville will support each other and recommend customers to each other as well. I learned that a struggling business gained support from other businesses and the community and was able to outlast Borders bookstore!

After exploring the community and Honest by‘s website, I realized that with a combination of business transparency as well as support for other businesses around me I can help to stimulate the local economy. With a transparent company, I can give the truth as to how much money my clothing costs to make to my customers. This creates a trust between the consumers and my company because of my honesty, which gives me a competitive edge against others.

For my business, Andersonville is a great place because I would be able to have the support of the community as well as the other store owners.With the trust that I have developed with my customers as well as other businesses, I would be able to create a profitable and long lasting company in a supportive community. If the occasion arises where business was struggling, I would have a fundraiser in order to support them by selling my t-shirts and getting the word out.This great community on the north side of Chicago is a perfect example of Swadeshi because of this support and care for the local economy.

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