The purpose of this project was to design a building where the World Trade Center was. Also the building was supposed to represent peace and connect to the Qur’an and Bible. Everyone connected differently to these books, because you have to decide what peace means to you. My representation of peace was people being together and coexisting while also having their individualities.

My project was inspired by ShigeruBan
I liked this picture because I think it looks like a small city, and cities are often heavily populated with many different people and cultures. I think this building would symbolize us coming together.
This building builds peace, because it keeps people together and allows you to have your own space.

Re-Building Speech
For my re- building project I designed a building out of m&m’s, each section of the building is made up of separate colored m&ms.
Although in the center of the building it’s made up of multicolored M&M’s symbolizing us all coming together.

You know you have arrived to my building when you see all different colored shapes coming together. When you enter my building you feel confident.
While your walking through my building you should have an open mind, so that you can appreciate the meaning of the building.
When you reach the center of the building you will find a community of people.
When you leave my building you are transformed because you feel at peace.
It transforms you by forcing you to think for yourself.
My building builds peace because it brings people together but also gives you your own space.

1 Kings 5:12
” And the lord gave Solomon wisdom, as he promised him. And the peace was between Hiran and Solomon and they two made a league together.”

I picked this quote to represent my building because it shows people coming together.

Qu’ Ran
The Family Of Imraanias
” And their lord responded to them i certainty do not overlook the work of any worker among you. Male or Female. You come from one another”.

I picked this quote because it represents peace because it shows everyone being respected.