This project was all about the remaking of 9/11, and we had to rebuild a different Ground Zero.

My project was inspired by the idea of heaven, because I believe in God and all the people who passed away in 9/11 went to heaven.

My construction has 2 towers connected to each other; it means the connection between learning and transformation.

I learned that it was hard to make a building, since you have to connect it to a real-life situation.

QF's Rebuilding Project

My presentation is about my building which is called “Nevaeh.” I named my building Nevaeh, because it is spelled “heaven” backwards, also because I believe in god and I also believe in heaven. So, all the people that lost their lives in 9/11 are in heaven.

My building is mainly about arts, that have something to do with the people from 9/11, also it is for kids/ teenagers who have lost their loved ones in 9/11. It helps them forget about all the bad and help them keep their memories alive. So, with all the different types of art, they can express their feelings and express their emotions.

The drawings and the poetry that they do, we will hang it on the walls on different floors of the buildings. We will put them in picture frames so that they know we appreciated their work, it also will be going towards the hallways.

The main feeling I want people to have is a feeling of relief, especially the kids/ teens because I feel that they are the ones that hold and the most emotions and they are scared to say how they feel about situations that are going on in their life or how they feel about a situation. I want them to forget but still hold on to the memories, to forgive but still be open to new things in life. If they need help we have tutors that can help them out. I want them to be touched by everything that we do there.

My quotes are:

Qur’an: “Anyone, male or female, who does what is good and is faithful will enter the Garden and will not be oppressed at all.”

Bible: “Whosoever drinketh of the water that I shall give him shall never thirst;”