In my systems and models class, we had to research a human need in the world. I decided to look at the aspect of shelter and find problems/solutions about homelessness.  Below is my work. 



America is number 1 in the world when it comes to homelessness. According to Chicago alliance, “On any given night, an average of 750,000 men, women, and children are homeless in the the U.S.” Illinois has the 35 th highest homelessness rate in the US. 35% of Chicago homeless people are families. There are many shelters in Chicago that provide a bed for a night. The San Jose Obrero program helped homeless families find jobs and homes. In 2012, 0.3% of homeless families found homes. What is the remaining percentage of Chicago homeless people?


34.7% of homeless remains in Chicago.The San Jose Obrero program helped out, but it’s not enough. Chicago government needs to enlist more programs like San Jose Obrero in order to help get more people off the streets. In 2013, we need to see a huge drop in the amount of homeless people in Chicago and let another country have the title for the most homeless people in the world.


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