-For organizational systems and models, we created a robot for milestone 3. Please read below for further information.

Please write 2-4 sentences for each question below:

1) Describe your experiences with the NASA robot project.
1. The experience was different. I liked the challenge  of working a different part of my brain.

2) What did you learn? What did you learn about yourself?
2. This project taught me to overall to take my time on things.

3) What could you have done differently?
3. I wish I could have focused more.

4) What was the greatest challenge?
4. The biggest challenge was getting all of the footage.

5) What did you enjoy the most?
5. Editing all of the headshots was the most fun.

How can your experience or how does robot technology help provide solutions for the United Nations Milliennium Development goal?

If everyone could experience what I experienced with robotics, I feel like society would undertand how things work. Even knowing the easiest most basic parts of the mechanical aspect, has sparked more interest in building robots etc.

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