Intro: When I did this assignment for systems and models (our science and math course), I wanted to display something I cared about. I chose to do it on food because it has always been something that has interested me and I knew food distribution was a growing problem. Finding the information was fairly simple and easy. I enjoyed the assignent.

Problem: In 2012, the world is undergoing a food crisis. At the same time, different countries are sharing food around the world. Half of the food being shared are produced by peasants. 30% are produced by the industrial food chain. 12.5% is made through hunting and gathering and the last 7.5% is produced by urban food peasants. How much more food would industrial food chains have to produce in order to be equal with the amount of food produced by peasants?

Solution: In late August, the world made the decision to increase the amount of food the
industrial food chains produced by 20%. They converted all of the hunters and urban peasants to to work for the food chains so nobody lost their jobs. Now, 50% of the food is produced by peasants and 50% is produced by industrial food chain.

Reference: MEALmeeting.