1) Describe your experiences with the NASA robot project.

My experience with the NASA robot project was great. The school worked so well together as a team. We started off as the underdogs having no idea what to do and slowly made process. In the end, we could all see the process we had made together and watched this robot form. It felt like watching a child of yours grow up and go off to college. I can’t wait to see how our robot does.

2) What did you learn? What did you learn about yourself?

While being part of this robot project, I learned a lot about my classmates as individuals. I also learned about patience and persevering through a lot of challenges. The most important thing I learned about myself was that I enjoy building things. If I hadn’t stepped outside my comfort zone, I might have not had the chance to actually build the robot which I truly enjoyed.

3) What could you have done differently?

I think I could have defiantly devoted more time to this project. While working with robots,  it took much of my time. I learned that these kinds of projects takes a lot of devotion and patience.

4) What was the greatest challenge?

The greatest challange at first was working with everyone. It was a struggle at first for my classmates. It took a few days into the project for us to all really get into. Then we had the problem of combining our individual ideas.  In the end, we all worked together and really enjoyed this project.

5) What did you enjoy the most?

I enjoyed being able to work with my classmates to see how great and supportive they all are. I also enjoyed the process of starting a project from scratch and see it grow in only a few weeks.This school as a community really devoted so much time into building and it was great to see the finished product.

6) How does this experience or robot technology help find solutions to the united nations millennium development goals?

Robot technology can help find a solution for many different millennium goals we have. A millennium goal that we can use is to help produce universal education. Having a robot could help kids in other countries receive a good education. The robot could talk to the kids and teach them just like any other teacher would. By doing this we could go into dangerous countries. We also would be able to get more help instead of using volunteers, and help as many of these kids as we can. This way these kids get the education they deserve.