Goal #4: Reduce Child Mortality

Source: https://www.jolkona.org/blog/mdgs-and-jolkona/

Robot technology is advancing everyday. It opens new opportunities and solutions for the United Nations Milliennium Development goal project. One goal that I found interesting was child health. Children get sick very easily and the smaller they are the more life threatening it can be. Robots can help revitalize efforts against pneumonia and other common illnesses found in children, while bolstering nutrition. They could save millions of children’s lives.

 Source: https://sites.google.com/a/gcechicago.com/gce-frc-robotics/screen-shots

1) Describe your experiences with the NASA robot project.

My experience with the NASA robot project was different from any other project I’ve had to do so far in my life. It involved math and science along with engineering and web design. I liked how we got to work on a part of the project that interested us the most. For me, taking pictures of my fellow students building the actual robot was a very fun and interesting to watch.

2) What did you learn? What did you learn about yourself?

I learned how to upload and edit photos on our robotics website. Also I learned that working together gets projects done a lot faster than working on them by your self. It was so crazy to see a pile of metal and scraps one day, and something that actually resembled a robot the next day.

3) What could you have done differently?

Something that I could have done differently was help out with building the robot more. That was probably the hardest task in this whole project and I’m sure the students who took part in it feel very proud. They should feel proud!

4) What was the greatest challenge?

The greatest challenge with the website was making sure that it was updated. We would have to constantly put pictures and videos up everyday to show the process of the robot.

5) What did you enjoy the most?

One day a fellow student of mine needed help with the bumpers for the robot so I volunteered to assist her. It was fun to contribute to the robot and take a break from the website.