In my disease class, we have a unit 3 guiding question which is “Why do diseases spread?”. We had to do research for a continent and I examined measles in Europe. Please look at my Public Service Announcement below.

Measles has hit Europe and they have reported that 6,500 cases has been reported in 33 different Europeans nations. In most of the reports kids have not been immunized from the ages of 10-19. About 20% of Europe needs to be vaccinated, because they did not get vaccinated like they should and especially the children.

A quote from Huffington Post says that “ Measles symptoms include fever, cough, spots on the cheek and a rash. It is spread through close contact including coughing and sneezing and is especially serious in babies and people with weak immune systems. Health officials estimate complications affect one in every 15 children infected.” (The Huffington Post)